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Great news! You might be thinking " Ok, Reel Contractors is going to restore my property but what next? After the completion of the restoration project, you can also count on us to rebuild, and reconstruct your property.


From living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, roof, flooring, to office space, warehouse, you name it, we do it. It doesn't matter if it is a residential or commercial property, we have the team, the tools, and the experience to deal with any type of structure or space. Have Questions? Call Reel Contractors Today (954) 325-9960 




Reel Contractors offers Mold Testing services to ensure your property is completely clean of mold. Most of the time is very hard to detect any mold damage in your property. It may look nice but who knows what is behind your walls and roof? That's why we test your property with the latest technology as infrared imaging to detect hidden moisture spots, and, borescopes to help us locate sources of mold and fungus. 


After the testing, we send the samples to accredited laboratories to ensure reliable and professional results in 24-48 hours. If need it, we will assist you with the mold remediation and your property will get back to normal in no time. Once your property is free of mold, you will receive a certified hazardous mold-free home. Have Questions? Call Reel Contractors Today (954) 325-9960 

Torando-Huracane-Storm Damage Restoration



If your property was exposed to a natural disaster like thunderstorms, lightning strikes, hurricane, tornado, high winds, storm, or heavy rainfalls, it could be experiencing various types of damages. Your roof may be impacted by a tree and the water is leaking into your property, broken windows due to projectile objects, your living room flooded by the heavy rainfalls, fire damage due to a shortcut in your circuit system and so on...


We can't go back in time but we can definitely restore your property in no time. Reel Contractors team will clean up and remediate all the affected areas, and also, reconstruct and rebuild your property. We have the tools, machines, certified technicians and the experience to help you overcome this situation. We also assist you with all the paperwork and build directly to the insurance company. Have Questions? Call Reel Contractors Today (954) 325-9960 





Is your roof damaged due to a catastrophe and needs repairing? Is too old and needs to be replaced because you suspect is leaking water through the property main structure? Well, either way, you need to act right away and stop any further damage.


Normally roofing companies cover your roof with the very famous blue tarp held onto by sandbags, sounds familiar? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. We don't do that, Reel Contractors uses the best technique to protect your roof and your property for future damage while we start the roof replacement or fixing process.


This technique is called Roof Shrink Wrap and the benefit is that once your roof is wrapped you don't have to worry about anything. Rainfalls, wind, nothing is going to interfere or remove the wrap from your roof, It is much better looking since it fits your roof, and also if some work needs to be done inside the property we can choose a type of wrap that lets the light pass through it and illuminate the property. Have Questions? Call Reel Contractors Today (954) 325-9960 


We understand the frustration of getting your property damaged from a flood or a fire. But what happens with your belongings? With Reel Contractor, you can rest assure we will take good care of your belongings.


We will pack out furniture, electronics, clothes, and documents, we restore them, and finally, take them to a safe storage. After your property is restored we will bring them to your home or office. 

Have Questions? Call Reel Contractors Today

(954) 325-9960 


Once the authorities finish the crime scene investigation as a suicide, homicide, violent assault, etc, the property needs to be clean and restore to its original state. Reel Contractor has a team of expert technicians who work in a professional, respectful, and discrete manner.


We perform the right disposal of tissues, stains, blood as well as crime scene detection chemicals, methamphetamine residue, and other biohazard contaminants. 

Have Questions? Call Reel Contractors Today (954) 325-9960 




Dealing with insurance companies is vey stressful for most of our clients. That is why Reel Contractors not only restores your property but also sends the bill straight to the insurance.  If you suspect or detect mold,  water or fire damage  in your home or office, call Reel Contractors The Experts in Water, Mold and Fire Damage. We will get your property back to normal in no time.   

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