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Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a contagious virus that is causing enormous health problems in people in United States and all over the world.


The virus is very strong and stays long on any type of surface making your home, business and high trafficked public spaces a dangerous place to hang out. 


Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads fast and it's your duty as a head of family and as a business owner to ensure that  your family, employees and clients are safe by sanitizing and disinfecting the environment  from Coronavirus COVID-19.    Also, your business could gain bad reputation if clients think you are not taking the necessary precautions to protect them from this lethal virus.



A lot of people want to continue living their lives, going out to eat or to be entertained. If you are able to maintain your establishment Coronavirus Free you contribute with the community by avoiding the virus to spread.


On top of this, your customers will not only appreciate your efforts to maintain a safe and risk free environment but they will spread the word through social media and other channels, letting people know that is safe to visit your establishment, you will be able to continue doing business, provide great service and take care of your family. 

Reel Contractors is one of the few companies ready to fight  CORONAVIRUS COVID-19. We are STATE LICENSED and INSURED. With EPA PROVEN ANTIMICROBIAL PRODUCTS and YEARS OF EXPERIENCE we can provide you with an effective service to PROTECT and SANITIZE both your home and business. 

The best thing you can do at this point is hire Reel Contractors to start sanitizing and disinfecting your home and business from Coronavirus COVID-19 right now!

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