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Reel Contractors is Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company and with decades of experience up our sleeves, we can help you restore your home in no time. Water brings life, but it can also bring lasting damages to your own home.


Water provides refreshment to your body inside out, but once it goes to your walls, floors, and electrical wiring and outlets, it's going to be a destructing problem that causes hundreds or thousands of dollars from your budget. That's why, when you see the slightest sign of water damage, you need to call us immediately.  Give us a call right away for a free assessment.

Don't Worry, Our Team Of Experts In Water Damage Restoration Is Ready To Assist You!

A couple of things. Water can seep out of its system through busted pipes, damaged roofing, and malfunctioning appliances that require water. Also, when a house catches fire, the water used to extinguish can damage the property further. But don’t worry, we has a team of experts in water damage restoration, remediation, cleanup and reconstruction.


We are Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company and we are on standby 24 hours day, seven days week, for any water damage restoration immediate emergency response. Once we get a call, our response team will respond right away and will be at your location in 60 minutes or less. We do this to provide rapid and convenient service to everyone.

Our specialized team carefully does their water damage examination in the affected areas with scrutiny to assess the severity of the damage. This way, they would be able to determine what appropriate remediation to use. Water damage can affect your Residential and Commercial Property. If you notice there's water intrusion, you need to fix right away. That's why you need to call Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company as soon as possible. Setting it aside will only bring you costly repair in the future.


Another consequence is mold and mildew growth. It's not only ugly and gross to look at, but mold and mildew growth due to unaddressed moisture can be catastrophic to anyone's health. Breathing in mold can lead to severe respiratory ailments, which can be fatal. Reel Contractors, Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company also offers these services in nearby communities:

Please, Don't Ignore Water Damage

Unknown to many people, but water damage is one of the most common home emergencies that occur in the United States alone. Regardless of this fact, not many people really take this problem seriously. When this happens, you need to call Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company right away. The consequences of ignoring this situation have a vast range, from irreversible property damage down to health concerns. Check some of them bellow.


Like what we learned in grade school science class, electricity and water shouldn't mix. And tha's something that you should remind yourself of when you own a property such as a home or an office building. When water seeps through wires, the electrical system of the structure will be severely damaged.


When left untreated, it may cause you to pay up for more extensive - and expensive - repair. Apart from that, you're bringing a risk of electric shock and even a fire. For sure, you don't want that. But, don't stressed out.


We are The Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company for a reason and that is because we always have a team of professionals waiting for your call and ready to be at your home or business to solve this problem in no time. 

1- Issues With Electrical Wirings

2- Skyrocketing Bills

Maybe you're lucky you don't get to experience electric shock or even fire due to water damage. But one thing is for sure, that you should expect this to happen - your water bill is going to be skyscraper high.


Naturally, your water system is leaking, therefore every drop you didn't use and damage your property, you're going to pay for. That's why it's essential to look out for water leaks and other water-related damages around or else pay the price.

3- Property Damage

Perhaps property damage is the most common of all the effects of water damage. Water coming from Heavy rains and typhoons can damage your home on the outside. Leaky faucets, burst pipes, and overflowing bath are just some of the typhoon's interior equivalents.


Only that these interior water issues can expand outside, making it more challenging to solve the issue. Don't hesitate and call us right away. We are Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company and we will be at you place in no time to do a free estimate on possible water damage.


What may look like just droplets of water coming from the ceiling, it's already a puddle above it. Issues such as this can lead to water dripping on walls, which, when left untreated, can cause the property to collapse anytime soon. And that's going to cost you much money, from reconstruction down to disaster cleanup.

4- Health Issues

Last but not the least of things that can happen when you ignore water damage is perhaps the most overlooked, "Health Issues". If water damage is not treated fast, moisture levels will increase and  the room is going to be a sweet place for bacteria and mold to thrive.


Mold and mildew have a musty, unpleasant smell and easy to recognize but, not everybody perceive it, in fact, people  can get used to the smell without realizing the property is experiencing  Mold Damage and,  becoming a dangerous place to hang out. 


Bacteria and mold particulates will then roam around the room and get inhaled by the people inside, meaning your family, friends and customers. Those who have respiratory problems are going to suffer the most. Don't hesitate and call Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Company right away to assist you in t his matter. 


How Do We Prevent Your Property From Being Damage?

Here at Reel Contractors, we do water damage restoration process the right way. We won't let any water intrusion get in your way of having a proper home and business life. Here's how we prevent your property from being damage. First, we check where the flooding water is coming from. We do that with the safety of your home and property in mind. So, protecting all your possessions is a must. After keeping the damage at bay, we communicate with your insurance company to help us assess the situation.


We work hand in hand with them as fast as we can because time is of the essence. That's when we go straight away with our water damage restoration process to waterproof your home and business as quickly as possible. So, if there’s water intrusion somewhere in your home or business establishment, don’t hesitate to reach us out, we are Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company. You know what? The more time you waste, the more money you will spend for the damage loss.

When you find out that there's a water problem in your Florida property, don't waste any time and call today Reel Contractors, Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company. Our number is 954-325-9960. You can also reach out to us via email: or visit us at our office at 12830 NW 21st St Pembroke Pines, FL 33028


Not every situation is the same; that's why assessing the problem first is the key to know what water damage restoration process we should use.



This is the mildest of all damages. Class 1 means that the water flooding your area is clean and doesn't pose any health threat to humans.



Class 2 "Gray Water"- This class means that what you are facing in your house or business is swamped by water that may contain harmful pathogens hat may cause diseases. But this one requires a further assessment just to confirm the evaluation doesn't take long anyway.



Class 3 is the most dangerous type of water damage. When the damage is due to waters mixed with dirt, dust, and other elements, it only means the water is undoubtedly contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

Our response team is going to do the assessment to know precisely the extent of the damage. Once we see the issue and determine the type, we search for the root of the problem so we can prevent it from causing further damage; then, we start the process.  We assure you that our water damage cleanup is fast and safe.


We start with cleaning the area of the incident, getting rid of items that are irredeemable, and restoring the ones we can. We also assure you that all our water cleanups are not just to fix the problem, but also to prevent it from happening again. Contact Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company today for more information.

We Care About You And Your Belongings


We're not just protecting your home and business life from water damage. We also do this to protect your health from home-grown microbes and germs.To assure that, we only use hospital-grade disinfectants to prevent the growth of molds and other health-concerning organisms. This way, we would be able to steer clear your family and staff from sickness and infection through our mold remediation process. Aside from protecting your health, we also want to make sure that each process we do is fast and time-conscious.


For that, we only use state-of-the-art tools and equipment so we can save as much time while getting rid of too much water. We use advanced dryers and blowers, so the water turns into air in less time. Lastly, we want to save the most of your personal property as possible. That's why our response team will quickly evacuate all your home items as fast as we can so the damage curve can be flattened. 


We can provide storage rooms where you can safely place your items away from the perils of water damage. We can also offer items re-establishing services, and we can work with a reclamation expert to custom restore your place and redesign your area before doing any of our work.


Call Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company Today!

With our water damage restoration services, rest assured that your house and business will be safe from the consequences of water damage. We only use the right cleaning products, tools, and equipment so we can provide the best services possible.


When you find out that there's a water problem in your FL property, don't waste any time and call today Reel Contractors, Davie Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration CompanyOur number is 954-325-9960. You can also reach out to us via email: or visit us at our office at 12830 NW 21st St Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

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